Helping Out

In Guatemala, contributions and inquiries may be directed to:

Asociación Civil de Comadronas Tradicionales de Chimaltenango
2da Calle 4-02 Zona 4
San Juan Comalapa, Chimaltenango
Guatemala, Centro América
Telephone 7-849-8027

Alternatively, or internationally, contributions may be made through Wuqu' Kawoq, international partner for ACOTCHI.

Make a direct and secure donation through Wuqu' Kawoq's PayPal account. Be certain to include 'ACOTCHI' in the comment area of the form

If you prefer, you may mail a check or money order (include 'ACOTCHI' in the subject line) to:

Wuqu' Kawoq
PO Box 91
Bethel, VT

Download a summary of current needs. (pdf)

Specific Needs

  • Purchase or furnishing of a physical locale and other infrastructure to provide enhanced services to the general public and to avoid rental costs.
  • Financing for the monthly midwife training programs, focusing on the needs of traditional midwives, in diverse themes such as prenatal control, birth and postpartum management, traditional medicine, modern medicine, first aid, common diseases of infancy, artesenal production, communal or family medicinal gardens, microeconomics, women’s issues, social movements.
  • Financing to pay salaries to Association staff in order to be able to continue to provide oversight for high-risk pregnancies and provide medical care to our affiliates and the general public.
  • Improvement of our supply of medicines for low-cost resale to the general public.
  • Training materials.
  • Financing for the implementation of communal medicinal plant gardens.
  • Help obtaining materials necessary for birth attendance.
  • Financing for the growth of the organization’s oversight capacity.
  • Participation of volunteer physicians and nurses in our clinics.