ACOTCHI, the Association of Traditional Midwives of Chimaltenango, is a civic organization of traditional midwives from the department of Chimaltenango in Guatemala. It was founded in October 2004 in order to address a number of professional needs common among rural traditional midwives in Guatemala. The association works diligently and efficiently to procure and defend the collective and individual rights of its affiliate midwives.

ACOTCHI seeks to promote the participation of all members through training and common decisions, with the overall goal of decreasing maternal and child mortality in the department, and improving living conditions for its members through professional training and development programs across several subject areas, including microeconomics, literacy, natural medicines, and artesanal production.

ACOTCHI also provides medical consultations to members of its communities by enlisting the services of volunteer physicians, who also assist in the oversight of high-risk pregnancies encountered in the midwifery practices of its affiliates. They also strive to provide low-cost pharmaceutical options to their patients.